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Voice Mail

voice mail message yesterday. The sender called in and shared on speakerphone with our Next Step group this afternoon. I’m always inspired by my guys and so proud of how they’re courageously reclaiming their lives by changing hearts, minds and communities! — Hi John its Michael just wanted to touch base on how I am doing in life well I am now a fulltime KFC manager for Virginia and working part-time for Mc Donalds every other day I am motivated to succeed in life and i am not looking back I want to thank you for the opportunity for being in the group that kept me humble and grounded the next step is here integrity is number one for my rehabilitation thank you John please contact me anytime I would love to phone conf erence with the group oneday I have 18 ms of GPS on my leg but the probation officer said he would like to have me off by the end of 2018 tell Sandy and Julie I said hi and thanks for believing in me God bless. the number 1 thing in my rehabilitation is to stay free. Much love, Michael