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New Beginnings - Next Step, Video -- A Night with John Flynn & Friends


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New Beginnings- Next Step is a peer-support group for Returning Citizens as they transition from incarceration to freedom. It is run both for, and with, ex-offenders, along with a vital and growing group of compassionate volunteer-facilitators, in order to build a community of hope, and a culture of accountability and possibility on the streets of Wilmington, Delaware.

New Beginnings-Next Step is the sister group of New Beginnings, which was founded by Brother David Schlatter O.F.M. inside the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution in the early nineties. Since 2005 it has been run by singer-songwriter John Flynn. Like New Beginnings-Next Step, the group is open to those of all faiths.

“While I was incarcerated, New Beginnings was the only place that I found genuine peace and serenity with other people. Now over three years after being released, I can say that the support I received from Next Step throughout my reintegration process was a necessity for me to remain free and humble. It helped me to work through my demons while I was in there, and kept me moving in a positive direction, not looking back once I was home.” - Greg L

"As a returning citizen, I learned that this organization is a doer, and kept their word to support members in every aspect of staying free. The weekly meetings helped me to stay focused on my goals of re-entering society with the purpose of never going back to prison. The talks are deep and meaningful as well as needful. The weekly bus and food vouchers helped me to not do nothing stupid to eat or have an excuse not to job search. I'm so glad that this organization is the real deal and they have helped me feel like a citizen again."
-John K 

"Somewhere in childhood we lose the simplest word in the world - TRUST. With NBNS we learn to trust again."
- Arnold T






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