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See Me

Written by the Men of New Beginnings
Gander Hill

August 29, 2019

You stand before me and see anger
Look into my eyes and see a good heart, a caring man
See my smile and right hand out ready to give
See the teddy bear who is loyal and funny
You glance my way and fear my size, my tattoos, my DOC whites
Stop, look and listen
I am changing, I am genuine, I am compassionate
You turn away when you see me approach -
The drug abuser, the alcoholic, the felon
Turn back to me and see the scars that are healing
Hear my honesty and feel the power of the love I am waiting to share
You fear me
The criminal, the addict, the threat
Release the fear and know I am humble and grateful
You see a failure
Take a moment to know me
The good man, the father
One who understands the pain of others
One who knows the pain he has caused
You run when I walk towards you
I am searching, struggling, trying to find an answer
See my inner sadness concealed with a smile
Don’t run – help me
I am not self-righteous, lazy, ruthless or stupid
I yearn to work and learn and teach
I am releasing the anger and healing
I am broken and seeking kindness
See God on my face
You are human
I am human