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Julie and I are continuing to host a once a month lunch get-together for our New Beginnings-Next Step returning citizens.  Today, our 4th lunch,  was joyful as guys who have not seen one another in person in months/ years hugged and shared.  We also welcomed a new member who returned to society just a few weeks ago. We have found this a great way to stay connected during these times when we are doing just zoom meetings.  All of our volunteers are finding ways to stay in touch with the men and this is ours. Thank you to our friends who have been donating gently used, clean coats, gloves, hats, sweatshirts for these men. Keep them coming. Feeling grateful 😊

Both of these men are strong in their recovery and continue to
celebrate their new beginning.


Another New Beginnings -  Next Step celebration of friendship.


2019 Thanksgiving gathering and dinner

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