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Partnership for Reentry Coalition

Of Delaware

Helping to put the pieces back together again

Returning Citizens and Registrant Housing List

For the purpose of this list, Registrant means Ex Sex offender but realize that these locations also provide housing and services to ex-offenders and the general public as well. Just as the ex-offender list also provides services to the public.

Shelter – dormitory style limited Time stay (usually Free)

Transitional House – a group of people in one house with a limit time stay (usually Free)

Group House – a group of people in one house paying rent/fee, sharing in household duties and responsibilities.

Sobriety House – a group of people staying in one house with the condition of Sobriety and usually paying rent/fee.

Program House – they provide a live in sobriety program with case management and usually job assistance or placement. A fee would be required as well as a pledge to complete the program from 4 to 18 months. Some offer step down housing as well.

(M) Men (W) Woman (C) Woman with Children or Man with Children

Housing Alliance Delaware - Centralized Shelter Placement

654-0126x112 or 1 833 346-3233 – 1 833 FIND BED intake@housingalliancede.org

Code Purple New Castle – 1 833 FIND BED or 1 833 346-3233

Code Purple Kent County 1 800 733-6816 or 632-0589

Code Purple Sussex County – 629-7050 10am-3pm or 519-0024 after hours

Oxford House (Sobriety Group Houses) (M & W separate facilities)

go to www.oxfordvacancies.com for locations, vacancies and contact information.

Interview process to be accepted, $125.wk and up, application fee

Socialserve DE 1-877-428-8844 Rentals

Courtesy of
Partnership in Reentry Coalition of Delaware
P.O. Box 10664 Wilmington, DE 19850
Chairman - Lori Alberts
bearwood59@live.com (302) 659-5633

Please inform me if there are any changes in your information, if you need to be listed under other categories, or if your organization wishes to be on this list, or you are aware of any other agency or organization that should be on the list.

Updated January 1, 2023


Partners helping Partners, to help their clients”


No Registrants


Agapa Storehouse (Housing & Apartments) (Families Only)

Zelda Carter 250-5461 zeldacarter2@gmail.com

Transitional Housing for Families, rent by income

Community Collaboration of DE (Sobriety Transitional & Group Housing) (M&W)

Kim Jones – Deputy Dir.419-7033 kim.jones@communitycollabde.org

Sandy Buell - Housing Manager (540) 589-3964 sandy.buell@communitycollabde.org

Transitional is Free, Group house is $120. a week

Delaware Center For Homeless Veterans (Housing & Apartment)

David Mosley 691-7411 dmosley@dchv.org

Pearl Center Apartments (M, W, C) (Veterans Only) 23 studios, 8 one bedroom and 9 two bedrooms apartment, Rent subsidized via Project-Based HUD-VASH Vouchers.


Diverse City of Refuge - 2308 N. Market Street, Wilmington (Group House) (W)

Apostle Kathy DeJesus 1 267 505-1496 pastorkathy1@gmail.com

Faith-based, Sobriety, case management Fee – scale according to income

Friendship House - 722 N. Union Street, Wilmington (Sobriety Program House) (M & W)

Kim Eppehimer – Dir. 652-8133 fhkime@gmail.com

Shawn Helmick 428-0151 housing office number shawn.helmick@friendshiphousede.org

Directly from Incarceration or Rehab or Residential program (shelter/temp. facility, another program house), Case Management, Step down housing, small fee required

Harriet Tubman Safe House - 914 E. 7th Street, Wilmington (Group House)

Earl Woodlen 425-5758 htsh@comcast.net

$450. a month

House of Joseph - 1328 W. 3rd Street, Wilmington (Transitional House)

Need Referral from Housing Alliance, 30 day stay 1-833-find bed or 1-833-346-3233

Ministry of Caring – 115E 14th St. Wilmington 19801 (Transitional House) (M, W, &C)

John Bates 652-5523 jbates@ministryofcaring.org

Must go thru Housing Alliance

My Brethren Ministries – 605 S. Harrison St. Wilmington (Sobriety House) (M) **CLOSED but he still might have some leads to other housing**

Bishop Gordon 669-5397 bishopgeg@outlook.com

$700. month/$175.week Referrals only (Case by case basis for Tier I and II Registrants)


Salvation Army – 400 N. Orange St. Wilm. (30 day Emergency Shelter) (W &/M&W with Families)

April Smith 472-0752 april.smith@use.salvationarmy.org

Must go thru Housing Alliance

Sojourners’ Place - 2901 Northeast Blvd., Wilmington (Transitional Program House) (M &W)

Robyn Beck-Gott 764-4713 sojo_rbg@yahoo.com

Interview process, Case Management Substance abuse/Mental health counseling,


Sunday Breakfast Mission - 110 N. Poplar Street Wilmington(Temporarily Shelter) (M&W&C)

Rev. Thomas Laymon 656-8542 tlaymon@sundaybreakfastmission.org

SWAG - 300 Delaware Ave., Wilmington (Group House) (W &M)

Lashawn Norton 660-0438 swag_foracause@outlook.com

$125. deposit, $125. a week Will help you apply for some funding and help with job search

Warriors Helping Warriors - 104 S. Broad St. Middletown (Group House) (M) Must be a Veteran

Mindy Bacchus 696-2356 mindybacchus@whwonline.org

Kevin Conley 562-9033 warriorshwarriors@gmail.com

30 % of income



Eden House of Refuge – 53 W. Commerce St., Smyrna (Group House) (Veteran’s W&C)

Tyshee Jackson 508-5597 evrefuge@gmail.com

Rent $650. monthly

House of Hope – 801 W. Division St., Dover (Transitional House) (W)

Lisa Tice 883-2655 hohltice@gmail.com

House of Pride - 45 S. New Street, Dover (Sobriety House & Group Houses) (M&W&C)

Bishop Marion Lott 677-0116 bishopmllott@comcast.net

$100. week Must be refereed from Treatment Program for sobriety house.

$100. week for Group house, for families fee will be decided.

Shepherd Place - 1362 S. Governors Ave., Dover (Transitional House) (W&C)

Cheryl Best-Wells 678-1909 cherylbestwells@comcast.net


Whatcoat Shelter - 381 College Road, Dover (Transitional House) (M&W&C)

Terrant Morrison 734-0319 tmorrison@peoplesplace2.com

45 days stay, case management, Referral by Housing Alliance 1-833-346-3233




Barbara K. Brooks House - 109 Carolyn Street, Georgetown (Sobriety Program House) (W)

Debbie Short 249-7751 debbie@brookshome.org

Case Management, Addiction Recovery, job search help, $200. entry fee $150. weekly

Casa San Franciso - 127 Broad Street, Milton (Shelter) (M&W)

Ronisha Quinn 684-8694 rquinn@ccwilm.org

30 day stay, Case Management, Must call 1-833-346-3233 Housing Alliance Centralized Intake

Crisis House - 110 N. Railroad Ave., Georgetown (Shelter) (M,W&C)

Joseph Holder 856-2246 joseph@scchsinc.org

Must call 1-833-346-3233 Housing Alliance Centralized Intake


Griffin Place – 13766 S. Old State Rd. Ellendale (Group House) (M&W)

422-5500 Michelle Foster Philadephiaarms@gmail.com

$Rental Fee a month

Home of the Brave – 6632 Sharps Rd. Milford (Transitional) (M, W&C) Must be a Veteran

Heather Travitz 424-1681 htravitz@homeofthebravefdn.org info@homeofthebravefdn.org


House of Ruth/Booker St. COG - 19422 County Seat Hwy., Georgetown (Group House) (W)

Marvin & Marian (Lorraine) Morris 258-3803 min.m.lorraine@hotmail.com

$110.week, application required

Hudson Behavioral Health – Georgetown (Sobriety Program House) (M & W)

Nichole Melendez 856-4363 nmelendez@hudsonhealth.org

$150. week

Lighthouse for Broken Wings – Sussex County (Group House) (M & W)

Tony Short 727-3178 lighthouseforbrokenwings@gmail.com

$700. month

New Street House - 1 New Street, Georgetown (Group House) (M)

Gene Louis Quaciari 544-0054 genelouis147@yahoo.com

130.week, Entry Fee $200.

Square One - Seaford (Sobriety Program House) (M)

Patrick Hunt 536-1293 operationssq1@gmail.com

$150 entry fee, $145week required to attend sobriety meetings 3x a week

Serenity Properties - 306 W. Market Street, Georgetown (Sobriety Group Houses) (M & W)

Men’s program 228-1047 & Woman’s program 258-3086

Rick Greenberg rick@serenitypropertiesllc.com

$200 Entry fee $150.weekly




1212 House - 2700 N. Washington St. Wilmington (Sobriety Program House) (M)

Darrell Stroy – mgr. 333-4483(c) Stroydarrell@hotmail.com

Approx. $125./week. and up AA & NA meetings on site

Attack Addiction (Sobriety Program House, Transitional) (M&W/C)

Leslie Palladino 593-7335 leslie@impactlifetoday.org

Teir 1, 2 and maybe 3 after interview

Coras Wellness – 590 Naanan’s Rd. Claymont (Sobriety Program House) (M)

Jocelyn Greene 596-3312 jgreene@coraswellness.org

30 days free, $100 weekly

Delaware Center For Homeless Veterans (Group House) (M)

1200 N. Walnut Street, Wilmington, 1202 N. Walnut Street, Wilmington, 1011 River Road, Bellefonte

David Mosley 691-7411 dmosley@dchv.org

Veterans only. Referral from VA or State, Community Organization and Level 5 SCI, Formal intake and assessment process. Case Management, Mental Health, Drug & Alochol Treatment, Food included, clothing and personal & emergency needs available, assistance with State, Federal & VA benefits applications. Stay is until you are financially able to obtain permanent housing.

Gateway House - 121 N. Poplar Street, Wilmington (Apartment) (M)


Intake – Monday 10am-1pm. Need I.D., S.S. Card, Birth Cert., Proof of income, Proof of homelessness

Rent will be approx. 30% of income + Security Deposit

Mrs. Jasc – Wilmington (Rooms and Medical Assistant House)

Amy Harriett 897-5553 mrsjasc@gmail.com

Rooms $715 a month, rent & utilities

Medical Assist $3000. a month 24 Nursing or CNA daily

Phoenix House - 106 E. 35th Street, Wilmington (Sobriety Program House) (M)

Correspondences address P.O. Box 30158 Wilm., DE 19805

Bishop Koy Stewart 345-1235 koystewart11@gmail.com

Faith Based, Sobriety, Case management, Tier I and II but not III or Violent offenders

$165. weekly or $660 monthly




Attack Addiction (Sobriety Program House, Transitional) (M&W/C)

Leslie Palladino 593-7335 leslie@impactlifetoday.org

Teir 1, 2 and maybe 3 after interview

Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing - 684 Forest St., Dover (90 day temporary Shelter) (M) 736-3600 Must call 1-833-346-3233 Housing Alliance Centralized Intake or e-mail intake@housingalliancede.org Step down housing available

Serenity Place - 327 Martin Street. Dover (Live-in Faith-based Sobriety Program House) (M)

Paul Flickinger 730-0800 paulf@findserenity.org

Bruce Dodson Sr. 730-0800 bruced@findserenity.org

Referral from Rehab or State Agency, Application/Interview process. 4–6 months program house with ability to move to Step Down group house. NARR certified Level III

Shalom House – Dover (Live-in Faith-based Sobriety Program House) (M)

Paul Flickinger 730-0800 paulf@findserenity.org

Referral from Rehab or State Agency, Application/Interview process. 4-6 months program house with ability to stay longer upon need and progress. NARR certified Level III




Attack Addiction (Sobriety Program House, Transitional) (M&W/C)

Leslie Palladino 593-7335 leslie@impactlifetoday.org

Teir 1, 2 and maybe 3 after interview

Corinthian House - 219 & 221 S. Race Street, Georgetown (Sobriety Program House) (M)

Nicole Melendez 856-4363 nmelendez@hudsonhealth.org


Hudson Behavioral Health DE House - 11 Pine St., Georgetown (Sobriety Program House) (M&W)

Nicole Melendez 856-4363 nmelendez@hudson-health.org

$150. week

Thresholds House - 528 E. Market Street, Georgetown (Sobriety Program House) (M)

Susan Harris 856-1835 sharris@thresholdsinc.com

2 weeks. Free, 3rd week $75., 4th and subsequent weeks $125.


The Way Home - 324 Old Landing Road, Milsboro (Transitional House) (M)

Paulette Rappa 856-9870 director@twhprogram.org Tony Neil 841-8287 tony@twhprogram.org