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 "That's Mr. Magoo!"

In prison yesterday, a man with a deceptively low-voltage personality and very heavy street rep was yawning in group. He said all week he'd been staying up late watching Christmas movies on his little TV in his cell. Other guys laughed when he said Christmas movies always gave him a warm feeling inside, and that his favorite recent discovery was a cartoon Scrooge with a big bald head and real bad eyesight! "That's Mr. Magoo!" I said. (A personal favorite)! "Nope, his name wasn't Magoo" he replied with a smile beneath his trademark half-closed lids. "It was Scrooge"! Anyway he'd got himself caught up in the story, and the Ghost of Christmas Future's predictions for poor Tiny Tim ended up causing an audible case of the sniffles. The resulting handkerchief honking woke his celly. "I told him it was my allergies", said my friend. "Can't let folks know that the bald headed Scrooge got to you"!